Thursday, October 16, 2008

Walked 17K Ran 10K

Yesterday the skies opened 60 minutes to our scheduled 20K run. But we were still determined to go and do our 50 laps in spite of the daunting downpour that was clearly a game changer . When we arrived, the track had pools of water and was evidently muddy. But we could use the rugby pitch, we thought, but we were told by the security that the pitches were closed because of the graduation tomorrow.
So we decided to walk home. We started from Museum hill roundabout, through forest road, pangani, muthaiga, Utalii, survey to all sops, to outering road, Juja road, kariobangi south, Buruburu, umoja to donholm roundabout via outering road.
It was a helluva distance in fact in the morning I woke up with pains in my inner thighs but I still went for a 10K covering 5K in 22 mins and the 10K in 46 mins.
Now I need to psych myself for my last long run this Sunday approx. 26Kms. From Roysambu to Museum hill roundabout and back.
God help us.

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