Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Week 5 Day 2

Since I wasn't running today, I slept with week 5 day two firmly in mind. And I swore that one of us has to win: either I do those push ups or the schedule looks at me undone, unchallenged. I was not gonna play around with some damn pushups.
So after weighing myself (this week my weight has been steady, which is not good but its okay, I know how to drop it and when), I took some juice and some bread and placed a glass of water nearby and fixed a gaze on the floor beneath me. Controlled breathing. Focus. Proper form.
Then I started resolutely and with a do-or-die attitude. It was 8 levels:
20+20+18+18+15+15+14+40 = 160 push ups.
It actually wasn't that hard. I think these push ups need one to be strong and mentally ready and when you are strong, you know it. Yesterday and on Monday I was weak and I could have had my ass kicked by the push ups if I tried. I tried on Monday anyway and collapsed on my hands after 25 pushups. That intimidated me for a while. Only for a while. Then I found my strength.
I have some pain in my lower legs somewhere I can't reach with my hands. If it abates today, I will have an easy run tomorrow in preparation of a 20K on Sunday. If it doesn't abate, an easy run on Friday in preparation of a 20K on Sunday. Its not a big one. I can tell. Either tomorrow or Friday.
I can see that Day 3 has 148 pushups so its like this program has a taper. I think I will do day 3 either tomorrow or on Friday, then The Exhaustion test sometime early next week.


BM said...

you have done great so far. good luck on rest of the pushups. You are also right about the fact that this is more of a mental challenge that physical.

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks BM. Lets do it.