Monday, September 1, 2008

Lesson Learnt: Recovery Run

Today I woke up full of spunk, buoyed by my recent rather "successful" runs. So I had it in mind to do another fast 10K and break my PB. So I downed some orange juice and two slices of bread. Orange juice has sugar and carbs and so does bread. So they were meant to give me the insulin spike to facilitate release of energy from my muscles and liver.
Watched a little of AC360 as I hydrated and changed. The Americans (CNN) are trying to paint China as not so successful by now focusing on the economic challenges China is facing. Its like US is advertising to the world "Ok, they won the olympics and were well organized. We give them that but their economy stinks. We will show you how" And then of course the storm expected to rip New Orleans. And McBushs running mate has a daughter who is pregnant out of wedlock and did McBush do a proper background check before choosing her bla bla bla.
I stretched a little and hit the road. After my 900metres warm up, I jacked up the pace. The streets were clear the air was crisp and clean after a drizzle last night and the streetlights were working. 10K, here I come, I thought.
By the time I reached the top of the first hill, 600metres ahead, I could feel it was a struggle. My body was asleep. I had no energy. I cleared the first K in 5.30 mins and the second K in 8.30mins. By then I knew I had to junk the idea of doing a 10K. I was weak.
So I changed it to a recovery run and jogged for 45 minutes.
The moral of the story is that I should have stuck to my schedule and realized there is no way, no how that you can exert yourself over 10K a day a part.
Lesson learnt. So I will take it easy today and tomorrow and see how Thursday is. More importantly, I will stick to my schedule and retain recovery runs on the days they should be run.
And oh, some little twit passed me and he made a roar as he zoomed past. Where are people like him when I am doing my tempo runs or on Sunday?

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