Monday, September 15, 2008

With 5 weeks to go...

Today I worked on my compartment muscles with the heel/toe walks and did standing calf raises on a Telephone Directory. Then I did some squats and crunches. I think I will go for an easy recovery run tomorrow though my glutes, hams and quads are sorta aching.

I have now lost 5.8Kgs since Aug 20th. My goals for the following five weeks:
1. Develop stronger compartment muscles.
2. Clear the 100 pushups program week 5 and 6.
3. Lose the remaining 5.2 Kgs and regain normal weight (assuming getting to what I was decades back is "regaining").
4. Cover at least 200Kms with at least 30Kms each week.
5. Do a sub 20mins 5K and a sub 45mins 10K.
6. Stay the hell away from injuries.

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