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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Going for Ndakaini Half Marathon!

I was minding my own business yesterday reading the Nation newspaper when I realized that there is a half marathon this Saturday at Ndakaini in Thika. This is in page 33. I had no clue there was such an event and if I didn’t buy today's paper, I wouldn’t have got a clue. I think it’s an excellent opportunity for one preparing for Stanchart Marathon to participate in this event both for social reasons - the proceeds of the marathon go toward conservation of Ndakaini Dam catchment area - and to get an opportunity to test our speed and ability in a professional setting.
This Ndakaini Half-Marathon is quite big because some of the big guns come for it. I can see Tergat and Samuel Wanjiru are part of the Conservation effort here. The internet tells me that last year’s winners, Bellor Yator (also The winner of last year's Düsseldorf Marathon) and Penina Arusei are expected to defend their titles. Yator won last year in 1:03.58 ahead of Nyahururu’s John Guandaru (1:03.59). Arusei carried the 21km title in 1:16.46 beating Sylvia Kibet (1:17.23) to second place. Like last year, there will be 15km and 10km race for both men and women in addition to 4km for veterans and 3km for children.
So I will be going for the Nadakaini half marathon this Saturday. I think I am ready. Wish me luck!
Today I did squats and calf raises.


Anonymous said...

Beware this is a tough half marathon! I did it last year and to date it is my toughest. The course is very hilly such that vehicles driving around it have to be on gear 1 on a number of sections. I remember 2 in particular, at around the 5K mark and the mother of them all at around the 16K mark.
Its advisable to have a tiered quest e.g. sub 1:40, 1:50, 2:10.

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks GK. I ran Standard and Chartered Marathon in 2006 with 2:33 and then last year on 2:02. I hope 1:40 is not too ambitious. Thanks for the heads up though. Will give it my best.