Monday, September 8, 2008

Exhaustion test. Lesson Learnt. Took a walk

I am giving my legs a three day rest from running because of some pain I have in my shins - its not shin splints, more like a stress fracture that is undecided whether to give me grief or whether to remain a shadow. At any rate, its a shadow right now. I ran last year's marathon with a stress fracture and I ain't particularly scared about the prospect of getting another one.
So anyways, I decided to ignore available transport and take a walk. Walked for 7Kms: 1hr 27 mins. It was an excellent workout. Too bad I wasn't dressed the part and my shoes must have taken a beating. Twas good nonetheless.
This morning I did my exhaustion test. I ended the first set at 37 pushups and the second at 32 pushups. I learnt a few things about the exhaustion test:

1. I thought it would be very easy so I approached it with a poor attitude: I was unprepared for trouble and when I encountered trouble at the 37th pushup, like a pussy(cat), I gave up. Instead of giving up, I should have slowed down and controlled my breathing and broken it down to smaller sets. Like a trained person.

2. I should take the first 40 or so in quick succession.

I will try again tomorrow. I would really like to remain on the 3rd column. Meanwhile, I am still doing exercises aimed at strengthening my compartment muscles. The heel/toe walk is quite good. Seated calf raises are compromised because I don't have a weight I can place on my knee so I am doing standing calf raises with a block of wood.

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