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Sunday, September 7, 2008


I went for my long run yesterday. I had no idea how it would end up because I was very uncertain about my compartment muscles and I was ready for shin splints or related problems. I started sluggishly and warily and did the first 5K in 30mins. After I had run for an hour, all pistons were firing and to use a tired and overused Kenyan expression, "it was all systems go" I ran for 1hr 43 mins in the end or 1hr 55mins if I include the warmups and warmdown. I am not sure about the distance. A colleague claims it is 20K but I highly doubt it. No matter. All speeds and distances will be confirmed next Sunday when I run 23K on the track.
This week feels like its gonna be a good week all round. Shins have an ache but should wear off by Wednesday. Dropped another Kilo. I am resting today.


BM said...

Just Curious.... what's the reason many best long distance runners are from Kenya....

Jacob Aliet said...

99% of them are actually from a province in Kenya called The Rift Valley Province and are members of the Kalenjin community - you will notice that they are mostly very black - that's one of their characteristic. But they are not good at much else - football, boxing, volleyball, sprints, basketball etc.
A lot of theories abound but one obvious one is that they live in a high-altitude area and now they have several role models and training camps so the youth there have something to pick on from early on. Running has become part of their culture just like football and Brazilians.