Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Failed Exhaustion Test - Repeating Week 5

I failed the exhaustion test. Failed because I couldn't do 60 pushups in one set. I managed only 50. So instead of settling for the first column in week 6, I have decided to repeat week 5 in the third column. I did the first 40 in quick succession then did the last ten slowly.
Still giving my legs a break. I can see that there is a Ndakaini half marathon on Saturday. Too bad its sort of far - Thika - plus its taking place when I have organized a 23K run on the truck this Sunday and plenty of guys are set to come.
I worked on my compartment muscles and did some crunches. Yesterday I took 50 flights of stairs. If it doesn't rain, I may walk today.


Aaron said...

Good work on the push-ups and thanks for visiting my blog. Your introduction to running sounds very much like mine. The core training with the 100 pushups should help with the half - 1:40 is an ambitious goal but with the right training should be good to go :)

BM said...

Your prepration for the half marathon seems well thought out and well executed, Just wondering if you had professional help or that you are a competetive runner.

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks BM. I am an amateur and have relied on the net and reading RUNNER's WORLD magazine.
Thanks Aaron, I have decided to go for another half Marathon in two days in preparation for the one next month.