Sunday, March 4, 2012

2012 Training day 63: 21K in 1:56:39

My feet were lighter today. It is true its all about the legs. I had added some weight from the five star hotel meals last week but I still felt lighter. I mean, my feet still felt capable of moving fast.
Upon reviewing today's race, I can see where I went wrong - between 14 and 15Km because of two clouds of dust that two lorries had raised and engulfed me in - I slowed down to let the air clear - and at the 8th K when I went to sleep - though I sorta felt some weight in my legs and even doubted the freshness of my legs.
At any rate, thats it for today. My position has improved and that is all that matters.
This week probably 60K then another 80K next week. Talk about progression. My plantar fascia are tight so I am treading on dangerous ground.
This is how the shit went down:

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