Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rest Week

I slept a little in the evening today but I still don't feel ok. The cold has not abated. I feel feverish and stuffed. And the runny nose persists.
So it is with great sadness that I have told my running-mates that I wont make it for the sub 1:50 race tomorrow.
At any rate, I have not observed a rest week since I started my 2012 training even though I should every five or so weeks. So I guess it is about time anyway. So this becomes my cutback week. I have also decided to cut off sugar from now and see how that goes. The main thing now is to observe my diet and get as much rest and sleep as possible.
I am glad I don't have an injury and I have just had a stellar week. I want to come back galvanized and rejuvenated and I am not stopping until sub 1:40. Then I take another break.
Till then folks.
Stay active!

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