Saturday, March 10, 2012

2012 Training day 67: 21K in 1:53:39

Today was tricky. I really, really did not feel like waking up at all.
I did not feel strong or enthusiastic. I felt like I had a lot of accumulated fatigue (mainly sleep deprivation) hanging on me like a cloud.
But I dragged myself out of bed nonetheless. Yesterday I rested so today I had absolutely no excuse to rest.
I stretched. Pain.
I warmed up and hit it. My shins ached. My knees ached. My calves ached.
I didnt know whether to stop and crawl back into bed with my tail between my legs or to proceed into the uncertain dawn.
Then I remembered: Pain is necessary, suffering is optional. Elite training, elite pain.
These were pains from aches, not from injuries so I ran on and after the first Km, they were gone.
This time, I concentrated not on running fast but on moving my legs quickly. Just quick leg turnover. No concern with the stride length, just the quickness.
And it worked!
I kinda slept at the 10th K Mark and at the 4th K.
There are several things that I have improved on:
No more 6:XX.
3 of 4:XX
So next week all I need to do is ensure I don't have any 5:5x and have at least four 4:xx. And maybe shed a Kg. And lose the respect I have for the first four Km hills. Just go hard on them and let the shit hit the fan.
That should catapult me to 1:50:XX.
I have also decided on a strategy of pushing hard on one week then easing off in the next week using for example: 80/60 and later 90/60. Until I can do 100/70 or 120/70.
This week, I want to do 80K.
Man, let these poor bones and flesh now rest.
Here is how shit went down tadey:
Stay active guys! Stay the fuck active.

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