Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2012 Training Day 64: 15K - Beatdown

The great news is that my PF was better today. Yesterday I ran by feel and did 15K then stretched thoroughly. Thoroughly, especially my shins, calves and ankles. Then when resting last night at home, I made my soles rest on the tennis ball.
As I type this, my right shoe is off and the tennis ball is rolling or trapped beneath it.
I think I have a gift for throwing everything at any site that threatens to develop an injury.
I went to bed feeling like I had fought, like 50 guys and they had kicked my ass real good. Everywhere was aching. I felt really wasted. This is what I call beatdown.
This morning I still have aches but I am glad that it seems I will be able to wade out of this PF threat and maybe get away safely. So I want to focus on that. On Yesterdays run, I did one fastish 14th K and my heart rate went up to 175bpm. Today I want to take it easy with a 10K run home and stretching then Thursday I throw in some strides.
Look at the graphs of the workout: I love the way the HRM shows my heart rate spiking at the 14th K.
Stay active!

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