Sunday, March 11, 2012

2012 Training day 68: 19K Easy

I made today an easy run. I decided to make it 19K to start chipping off at my 80K target this week. So that is 40K off in total for this week.
What I did is I made sure it was veeeery easy and my focus was to maintain good form throughout. And it was easy and fun.
The Sunday runs, I have decided, will triple both as an easy run, a recovery run and a Long Slow Run. Either way, it will be beneficial. I will probably gradually increase it to 30K to enable me meet 100K goals later because doing a double is rather tricky.
For now, I just need to rest and ice my legs then on Tuesday, the battle resumes.
Wonderful things are happening at Istanbul, Turkey at the world indoor games. Of interest to me is the 5000m and 3000m. Amazing shit is gonna happen.

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