Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2012 Training day 75: 16K Moderate Effort

Today I was up early and left the hotel room at dusk. Beautiful, uplifting time. My PF doesn't feel that tight. I had decided to push the pace today and sort of make it a hard run. Well, not hard, but fast.
And I did. Some guy passed me at the 5th Km mark and I chased him but he was too fast and yet so relaxed. I didn't figure him out coz he wasn't dressed the part - he was in boots and jeans - and yet I chased him for close to 3Km without success. I never seen anything like that. Most guys with that fast pace are footballers and normally I make a snack out of them after about 2Kms but this guy...
Anyways, After a 40mins tempo, I mixed it up with fartleks back to the hotel.
I am thoroughly stretching my calves and Achilles to address my tight PF and so far, it seems to be doing OK. I want to start pushing myself particularly through April. As I said, I want to keep it 70-80K per week as I increase my strides and push myself during tempos.
Stay active guys!


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