Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2012 Training Day 65: 10K - I am Whacked Fellas

Wow man!
I am whacked pretty good. I cant believe I am paying for the 80K last week this week. I feel sorry for my legs coz they hurt like hell though it seems I am almost out of the woods as far as the PF is concerned. Man, the answer to PF is tennis balls, I am convinced! But even then, my body is still fucked. I feel like an empty sack walking around.
Anyways, back to PF: Once you understand why they hurt in the morning when you wake up (The PF contract while you sleep because of the angle of the foot as you sleep) and once you have understood that tight calves and tight ankles contribute to tight PF, you use the tennis balls to massage and stretch them as many times as you can and in due course, your PF are flexible and supple. And of course, if possible, ease up on the mileage and intensity.
Aaaaanyways, yesterday I ran home. It was really a struggle coz I had no legs really. But I loved it because I could feel the hills were really demanding hard work from me. Its no wonder they say hills are for strength. I was slow and cleared in about 1:06.
Despite my legs yelling and kicking and screaming, I will drag them to the pitch today and hopefully, do some strides.
I know its all about them. Them legs I mean. Stressing them. Listening to them creaking to life and screaming. Stressing them once again. Watching them explode and bleed and scream. Giving them a small break and letting their tears dry. Then stressing them again. Watching them suffer and putting a stethoscope on them and giving them some ice and compression if the pain is too much. Then stressing them again....
Again and again. This year, I want to have the capacity to comfortably clock 100K per week. But that is for another day. Several months ahead. I am thinking that if I can manage consecutive 80K weeks, I will stay there for a while seeing how to structure my strides and maybe modify the Pfitz 18/70 Training plan to suit my needs.
Then I can have a structured 18 weeks of Training (with a three weeks buffer) targeting Ndakaini as the main race. So that means that I should start four months from September. That is I should start the Pfitz Program from May.
Wow man! Wow.
Eye candy today is Australia's Craig Mottram. Jake and Zhane Robertson are camped in Iten for years trying to be punks.

Don't dream. Train for the dream.

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