Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2012 Training Day 69: 17K in 1:28 - Moderate effort

I had a bad cold yesterday and Today. I was not sure I would run. To manage the cold, I went and saw the doc and got a cocktail of drugs: Listerine mouthwash for my blistering sore throat, Nasal spray for my runny nose, antibiotics, antihistamines and NSAIDs for pain.
I wasn't sure I should run under the conditions. I goggled and got the idea that so long as my chest was fine (i.e. no congestion, asthma or bronchitis) and no high fever, I could still run.
The first 3K were pretty tricky because there seemed to be a cavity in my throat that was dry, raspy and painful. It felt dy but when I swallowed, it felt like I was swallowing acid. It burnt. But at 4K it was gone and I was relatively normal.
These are the splits I got:
Km_1 6:06.5
Km_2 5:49.4
Km_3 5:32.3
Km_4 5:17.6
Km_5 5:16.0
Km_6 5:15.3
Km_7 5:11.1
Km_8 5:06.4
Km_9 5:03.3
Km_10 5:09.3
Km_11 5:10.0
Km_12 5:02.3
Km_13 5:06.5
Km_14 5:01.9
Km_15 4:54.8
Km_16 5:03.6
Km_17 4:45.0

It was pretty good given that I was not putting up a fight. just ran by feel and I am glad to note that I am getting faster. By May, I believe I will be able to return successive 4:XX without a struggle.
Here is Helen Obiri on her way to defeating Meseret Defar.


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