Saturday, March 17, 2012

2012 Training day 71: 11k with strides

Through sheer stubbornness and commitment to purpose, I went and did a 11K with strides at the end yesterday. I don't feel so great but I felt I had to do it and give this week a proper closure.
And I did. I felt I needed to do it to keep my legs awake for speed. The results are as below. Not too great but okay.

Review of progress so far:
Jan_____wk1 N/A
________wk2 20+18+20 = 58Kms
________wk3 16+16+18+20 = 70Kms ..................(lower ankle pains)
________wk4 20(1:50)+20(1:53)+20(1:50) = 60Kms ...(fighting each Km - legs screaming)
________wk5 20(1:53)+10+10 = 40Kms......(Revert to moderate 21K @ Sato - no more fighting)
Feb_____wk1 21(2:05)+11+10(47:56:52)+6+10 = 58Kms (tight hamstrings)
________wk2 21(2:06)+14+12+7+10 = 64Kms...........(first sub 4 mins 1K!)
________wk3 21(2:01)+15+12+12+12 = 72Kms (Malaba, crazy intervals)
________wk4 21(2:19)+16+14+10+10=71Kms (recovering from intervals)
March___wk1 21(1:57:51)+18+11+11+11+11=83Kms (Kampala)
________wk2 21(1:56:39)+15+10+10 = 56Kms (PF threatens-recovering from 83K week)
________wk3 21(1:53:39)+19+17+12+11=80K (bad cold, health scare)

Now we need to have our first 2012 race tomorrow. I also feel I should do it despite how I feel because we have been planning it and I need to give it closure. Lets hope I am not burying myself with this. At any rate, I will do a cutback next week. Time to ease off the pedal.

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