Thursday, March 15, 2012

2012 Training Day 70: 12K on hills - Easy

12K on the road home yesterday. It was okay.
I had a health scare yesterday. I got cold and had a running stomach. I had to go to bed early. I feel better today but not 100%. I had to put off today's run. I hope I can do it tomorrow and bank 80K.


Carolyne Gathuru said...

Hi there.

Hope your ailments are easing off? Interesting read about your PF.I have a heel spur occasioned by too much impact on tarmac and an altered high intensity treadmill stint to shake off some calories that are leeching.Pain to the extent of limping on the jog this Tuesday to a complete slow.

Advised to lay off any heel impact activity for the next few days to ease off the pain and a Fastum Gel daily massage + warm water soak. So far so good. Working and pain is easing off, but the altered activity and piercing longing to run off as my colleagues take off on the road seems a more painful experience.

All the best.

Jacob Aliet said...

Hi, Sorry about the Heel Spur. I strongly suggest you get a tennis ball and be stretching your calves and ankles thoroughly. There are videos on the net for these. But tennis balls are best because you can use them anywhere so long as you are seated. Focus on the injury until it goes away. All the best!

Carolyne Gathuru said...

Yup - thanks. Will try tennis balling and see how that pans out. Main challenge being non-tarmac running areas. Brainstorming this morning in the gym for running routes and or places that wouldn't lend themselves to knee, heel and etc injuries.
No brignt ideas so far. Will explore.

All the best on your end.

Jacob Aliet said...

All the best. Where there is a will, there emerges a way.