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Monday, October 15, 2012

2012 Training Day 199: 15K(AM)+12K(PM)

I am in Serena Dar-Es-Salaam. They have a decent gymn. Only two treadmills though. Whats great is that their gym opens at 5:30am. So I was there at 5:40. Started with 7Kmph pace for 1K and stayed at 13Kph for up to 9K then kept changing from 12Kph to 13Kph until I cleared 15K. 1:16.
I realized that my RHR is now 43Bpm!
And I am strong.
And treadmills are the best for speedwork! The mother can push a nigger!
I will now do two easy sessions next then go hard again. Hopefully tomorrow evening.
Went for a semi-easy 12K 1:20
Cheers guys.

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