Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2012 Training Day 205:8K with 2x1000m

I never knew it would ever be a challenge to cobble up or trace a route that adds up to 1K. But I had to. It involved crossing a road at a junction. A risky affair but it had to be done.
And I ended up running the two fastest 1Kms this year: both in 3:39. This is the first time I have gone under 3:40 for the Km.
This is great and I am very pleased. The only problem is that I forgot to stretch my PF. So what I will do to address that is sit with a bent ankle the whole day.
It is worth noting that my HR didn't go beyond 170 and that I only increase my pace toward the end so 3:20 is possible in 2013.


mista maQ said...

I noted after the last climb during the Ndakaini half marathon you sped off suddenly with a good burst of speed - the results of your speed work are visible. push thats ceiling - keep on keeping on.

Running Writer said...

Thanks. Yeah, I remember I managed to chase the guy in a red vest, catch up with him and pass him. I hope the speed will be there in the legs on Sunday. My last run is kesho, strides of 100m or so.