Monday, October 22, 2012

2012 Training day 204: 21K

I did a 21K with rubbish legs and managed in sub two hours. Treadmills cheat your legs. I was glad they had some zombie speed though. I met Mark speeding on my way back. Now my workouts for this year are done. Interestingly, the lunges I did yesterday made my butts ache. It is because I haven't done lunges for a while.
Now I only need to do two things: (a) Get fresh legs back and (b) Ensure legs know what speed is.
I am in Bujumbura - near their state house. I am just from a walk to find where I can run.
I had been walking around doing this and was finding the place surrounded by cobblestones and tarmac and just when my heart was sinking and I was giving up on getting a place to run, I found a dirt road! Very good stuff.
I walked back to the hotel with a smile. I am glad I chose a hotel on the outskirts of town.
Today I have done zero Kms and it feels like a great accomplishment.

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