Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I am almost Floating

Today, I partly experienced what it means to Float on.
Canadian Marathoner, Reid Coolaset, has a blog titled Float On. I have never known exactly why he titled it that way but I know that in marathon training, there are sprint sessions called floats which are speed runs where the runner accelerates fast without running hard for short periods.

A month ago, I was on a long run and at about the 16th Km, a runner came from the opposite direction. He was moving like the wind. He was moving so fast and yet so easily. He didn't seem to spend time making contact with the ground. He just flew above it.
It was simply divine to behold. I just shook my head. Awed.

He simply flew past. Just like that. So easily, yet so hard and so fast.
Of course he was skinny. He gave the word floating new meaning for me and I told myself I would really like to run like that one day.
Then recently, I saw someone, an American I think, describe how Kenyans run so fast and gracefully without seeming to touch the ground.

Today, when I was speeding down at the 4th Km mark, I felt I was floating on.
Yes, I was slow. But I was also fast.

And I have looked at the one Km splits of GMutai at the Berlin Marathon last week.

I am approaching that speed. I am still far - one minute far, but still near enough to smell it.

I am learning to float. To float on. Lets hope I do get to actually float one day.


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Kissing Frogs said...

Wow. Sounds awesome. I can't run to save my life, but I'd love to do this!