Thursday, June 4, 2009

Training Day 10: 8k

I just did 8K (20 laps) in 44:34. I was running in an average of 2:15 per lap with a colleague - Kariuki. It was a comfortable pace that saw us hit 5K in about 25:40 which is not too bad considering that this was a relaxed, comfortable pace.
The great thing about running on the track is that its easy on the body, you have company, can pace yourself accurately and most importantly, you can stretch and do heel/toe walks, pushups and crunches on the green grass.
Aaaahhhhh. Excellent. In fact, tomorrow I will take some photos.


Serious Running: Chris Barber said...

Can't wait for the photos. I recently had a quest to run a sub 1:25 half and was able to achieve it by a lot of 400m and 800m intervals at race pace and just below on the track. When I ran the race by watch wasn't working but my body was able to remember what type of pace I needed to achieve my goal. I ran a 1:24 without even knowing what my time was until the chip times were posted!

Jacob Aliet said...

Hi Chris,
Congratulations on that time! I want to build a base mileage of about 60Kms per week before I start working on speed. I am also hoping to shake off a nagging injury that flares up whenever I start speed work.
The photos may be up on Tuesday. Thanks for dropping a note.