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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Training Day 16: 12k

It rained in town yesterday so I expect that the pitch is in quite a mess today. So I decided to run in the morning today. My run was to take about 60 mins so I got up at about 4:40am and was out of the house at about 5"50am. It was a difficult run because the muscles behind my knees became very painful but since I am no respecter of spontaneous injuries, I pushed on and struggled on. It abated after about 9Kms but it was tough. I am feeling it now but hope by tomoyow, it will be okay.
I cleared the first approx 6Kms in 34 mins and the other half in 32mins. I will confirm the distance later.
So far so good (*Yawn*). Laters.

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