Monday, June 8, 2009

Training day 12: 10K

I did 10K in 54:18 minutes, crossing 8K in 43:46. My energy levels were quite low even though I was strong and comfortably did the 10K. I was alone but was joined later by my friend Ogutu, who is shooting for a 2Hr in the upcoming Sararicom Lewa Marathon on June 27th. By the time I was through it was sorta dark so I didn't take photos. Again.
My knee is better. I am sorta relieved that the pain is on a different muscle and I think I will heal and hack it.
I did heel/toe raises then did crunches and pushups. It was interesting to have a conversation with a footballer who accosted me and marveled at how I run many laps then he asked me how many laps I ran yesterday. When I told him 25 he was amazed. I didn't know anyone had noticed!
Anyways, I am doing fine. Still on track. Today I will do 8K.

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