Saturday, June 13, 2009

Training day 15: 8K

I was late due to a protracted meeting and darkness was gathering fast. So I decided to dip below 2mins per lap in the scheduled 8K. And I did. I ended up completing the 8K in 39:29. Which is pretty good. I completed the first 10laps (4K) in 19:40. Meaning the last 10laps I was 4 seconds slower. Which again, is pretty good.
So this was a sorta fast run but at the same time, I wanted to maintain good form as I strove to stay below 120seconds per lap. I managed quite comfortably.
I know I shouldn't be doing speed runs now but this was not exactly a speed run; just trying to do some decent times whilst working out.
My ankles are aching but its not a bad ache. I did the last two laps in about 90 seconds and I was pretty comfortable. I have noticed I am getting new abilities slowly. I was joined by Bonnie, a fellow runner.
Next week I should be doing about 40-42Kms. So maybe 12, 10, 10, 8 for MTTF. Depending on how I feel, I may convert the 8K to 10K next Friday. Challenging and exciting week ahead. Today and tomorrow I rest and heal.

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