Friday, June 19, 2009

Training Day 19: 10K

I did 10K today. I was hungry for speed and crossed 5K in about 22minutes. The last 5K saw me tired and finished and I completed the 10K in 49:05.
Right now, I am as tired as hell.
So I have decided to put away my watch for the next two or three weeks and concentrate on the mileage because I am getting obsessed with speed, which is neither helpful nor advisory. I will get back to speed when I hit 60Kms per week.
This week I have done 44Kms. Next week I shall do either 48Kms or 50Kms. As for now, my ass is knocked outta energy and I just wanna go home and sleep the hell out.
I have a cold so its sorta screwing up my breathing and personal comfort but I am all over this and now I have done week 5 of Training. 18 weeks to go. Bring It on!.
I am kinda free this weekend. I may just decide to go and do 14 or 16K on Sunday.
Until then,
PS: Did I say sleep the hell out? That should be "sleep the hell up!" No?

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21km, anytime said...

5km in 22min is as good a time as any man. Quite a breeze, I think. Keep it up man. Cheers