Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Training Day 13: 8k

I did 8K yesterday in 42:58 minutes. I had serious stomach problems that messed up my running. In fact I seriously entertained the thought of calling it off at 5Kms but I decided to clench my jaws, git my teeth and get the job done. The toilets will just have to wait, I swore. I learnt one thing; unless its a serious bout of diarrhea, if you hang in there with stoic discipline, the problems will go away.
So I am glad I have 18K down: 16K to go for the week. Today I am resting and now I can feel my leg muscles holding discussions about how they are overworked lately. I was impressed by my ability to do 44 pushups without trying too hard. This way, I can still meet my 100pushups ambitions without following the suggested program!
My crunches were also better except for the stomach problem. I am keen on maintaining proper form as I am running, unlike the past. And I can do this because the distances are shorter (but more) and my speed is comfortable. If I keep this up, my speed is likely to go up since my strides are longer.


Gustavo said...

Hello. I also kept a blog about my quest to run a sub 1:30 half marathon, but i deleted it once I accomplished that last November (1:28:45). I am glad to hear from somebody else doing the same thing. If you need any feedback along the road, please let me know. For the time being, just keep running and improving your shape little by little. Good luck.

Jacob Aliet said...

Hi Gustavo,
Thanks for passing by! I started with a quest for a sub 1:40 and got 1:42 and now I have a sub 1:30. If I get it, next year I am turning the title to a sub 1:20 or I will make it a sub 3hrs Marathon. Then Sub 1:50 etc etc.
PS: What was your weekly mileage like when you got the 1:28?