Friday, June 26, 2009

Training day 23: 12K

Today I was up quite hungry for speed so I got up as usual considering doing the 12K in under an hour. The stretched nerve behind my knee was acting up so I bandaged it. Plus the spot just above my right knee to ensure my injury doesnt recur due to lack of knee support. So Off I went. I cleared the first Km in under 5 minutes but I also realized the darkness, marauding dogs, crazy drivers and potholes take their toll on speed and So I did the first 6K in 31:46 and couldnt master the energy for a negative split so I ended up clearing the 12K in 1:04mins. I am sorta drained and the nerve behind my left leg is quite painful now. I am nearly limping! At any rate, I am resting for the next 2 or three days (I dont know if Monday will allow me to run because I am traveling on Sunday night and starting a Linux class on Monday). I am proud and glad that I have cleared my first 50K. Now I have to crawl slowly toward 70Kms per week.


Anonymous said...

12k in 1:04 is not bad ... keep it up. let's wait for the 70k-a-week do. This thing is do-able ...

Anonymous said...

Just remember to start slowly when you start the sub 2 hour attempt.