Thursday, June 11, 2009

Training Day 14: 10K

I just came from doing a 10K in 52:08. Today I was strong and had no problems with my stomach or anything. My legs pained here and there but nothing major; just the muscles getting accustomed to the volumes I am traveling.
What I like about my current running is that I am able to maintain proper form and even do a negative split in my runs. I am doing them at a comfortable (not easy) pace and I am glad I am approaching 5mins per Km. I hope to dip to sub 5 mins by the end of June and 4:45 by the end of July. If I can do 4:45 comfortably, when I start speed work in August I should be able to do 4:20 or something less.
I just demolished a half a liter of sour milk and some bread.
The good news is that I went for an interview and came out the winner to be an IT manager. We didn't agree on the salary so I had to sadly decline so my search continues. Frantically. It feels good to know I kicked the asses of all those important looking buggers carefully sipping coffee while we were in the interview room.
I should do an easy 8K tomorrow.

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