Monday, June 29, 2009

Training Day 24: 12k

I ran today after 3 days of rest so my legs were relatively fresh. And I wanted to take advantage of that to dip under an hour for the 12K. But My first 200m had problems: the bandage I tied above my knee started falling - apparently, I had tied it too loosely. So I had to stop, twice to sort it and I had to run without that knee support. I met only two runners today. I cleared the first 6K in 31 minutes and hoped to do a negative split but I had no energy and was sorta sluggish. Even then, I was only 42 seconds slower in the next 6K and cleared the 12K in 1:2:42. Which is an improvement on last week's time. And its a good ratio so it means my mileage is not so bad. At any rate, I will keep sniping at that 12K time until I reach near 50minutes. That is my target. Let me observe myself. I may just do another 12k tomorrow.

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