Monday, June 22, 2009

Training Day 21: 11K

I was up at 4.30am today because I wanted to make sure I clear the 10.5Kms stretch and still be ready for work before 7am. I have been having some nagging pain at my achilles tendon but anyhow. So I put on my runners, my safety jacket and my sweatshirt and stretched a little and gulped some water.
So off I went. I met one runner after one Km and after 3Kms I met another, who warned me that a pack of dogs were some 100m ahead and I should be careful lest I become their breakfast. He suggested I walk while approaching the seaction. I decided to cross the road to the other side and ran right on. I cleared 5.5 in 30.4 and ran back and cleared in 1 hr 08 mins.
So that makes 11+14 which is 25Kms this week. 23Kms to go. I am considering doing another 11K tomorrow tho I have some pains...

PS: By the way, I am kinda glad that my quads are painful today. Its about time they started doing some work. So far only my lower legs have registered pain of straining. I hope this is a good sign. Good in the sense that injury-prone muscles and joints are off the hook and now the big muscles are saying "Thanks, we will take it from here on." That would be excellent.

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