Sunday, August 17, 2008

1hr 53Mins Run 5k in 26 Mins Week 3 day 1

I was up early. Early because I decided to up the volume of my workout. I am not losing weight as fast as I want so I am increasing the workout volume of my exercises. What that means is that I will be pursuing the 100 pushups challenge while working on my calves, quads and abs.
I started week 3 of the 100pushups program. I did an exhaustion test yesterday and managed to do 37 push ups in a set, so I am continuing with column 3. Today I did 27+19+19+15+29 = 101 pushups. Then I warmed up for 6 mins and did some sort of tempo for 5K and cleared it in 26 mins. I used my arms to propel myself and control my speed. It wasn't so bad and I think its the safest way of speeding without getting injuries. Small quick steps.
I will be doing my 5K speed test every Sunday and see whether I can manage a sub20 mins 5K. I am progressing well and I am sure this week I can slash another minute, or even two.
I am also cutting down on the quantities I eat. I will reduce my portions and cut dinner almost completely.
The distance I covered is around 17Kms. Its an estimate since I haven't measured it: I am only sure about the 5K. We will be sure about my speed when I run on the track on Sept 14. I think its great that I haven't picked an injury yet. One reason, I think is that I started early by trying to get my body into a routine of running 3 days a week on tarmac and the toe raises I have been doing for the past three weeks have strengthened my shin muscles so my tibia isn't taking all the pressure on it. Recall that I had a stress fracture Last year. I didn't know until I read more on Shin splints. The experience has made me believing shin splints are the worst injury a runner can suffer and I am ensuring I have strong shin muscles to take the stress away from my tibia by doing seated toe raises.
My legs are sore but I feel great. I should be in shape to do a recovery run on Tuesday. I would like to blaze through that same distance (17Kms or more) next week and see how I perform time wise.

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