Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cleared Week 3 of 100 pushups challenge

Day 3 of week 3 is 30+22+22+20+31 (29min) = 125 pushups. I managed quite okay. I also did squats and calf raises. The legs are saying "lets go. The time to go is NOW" And I am saying to them; "Hey, Dude, settle down, will you? We will go tomorrow. Today we are resting. Comprendre?"

So tomorrow, speed runs it is. I will attempt to cover 4Kms in 15 minutes. My first K has a hill and normally takes 5mins or 5.30 mins (But tomorrow I will try to kick its ass). I can cover the next three in 3.4 to 4 mins. This should be doable considering that actual marathoners (forget pretenders like me) take 14 mins to clear 5Kms. That comes to 2.8 mins per Km. Of course, WR for 5Kms is around 12mins. Thats 2.4mins per Km. Those are people who weigh 40Kgs less than me. 40 frigging Kilograms. So I will be very happy to be a minute or two slower per Kilometer. My legs are much stronger. The soreness after a run is fading away. I may be running 4 days a week in a coupla weeks. Cheers.

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BM said...

Congratulations on completingWeek 3 of the pushup challenge.