Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Restarted Week Two of 100 pushups - resting

I did day 1 of week two. I am repeating it. Day one went well. I remember I struggled in day 2 and 3. Lets see how it goes this time.
Legs still sore. Giving em a break.
I watched Michael Clayton yesterday, see Amazon Link below. Great movie. They don't give the viewers enough time to see Arthur's formidable prowess as an attorney though. The split second they give leave the audience with an impression though. The catatonic, semi-psychotic lady who organizes for Arthur's murder reminds one of the VP in PrisonBreak.

I am also reading The Richest Man in Babylon and Christopher Hitchen's God is Not Great.

Cheers people!
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roncarlo said...

regarding the "rest" question, i take a complete break. i'm out of the push up position and i'm walking around, stretching and drinking water. it helps me regain my strength so i can keep pushing.

keep it up!! after a couple weeks of the program and the exhaustion tests, you'll start to notice the difference.

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks Ron. Out of curiosity, how many pushups could you do in a set in your very first test?