Thursday, August 14, 2008

Did Day 2 and Tempo Run

Because the pain I was feeling was not affecting any major muscle or muscle group I use when running, I decided last night that I would run this morning. And I did just that. So at 4.45 (after a restless night) I was up. I first did my push ups: 16+13+11+11+16 = 62. It went well so I think I will stick to this as a strategy: pushups first then run later.
Then I warmed up for 6 mins jogging and started my tempo run. The street lighting was excellent today and no city council clown put the lights off at 5.30. I covered 3Kms in 13 minutes. This is a major improvement and it means I am approaching my 5K in Sub 20mins target. I had to spit saliva though meaning I was pretty anaerobic. Bust I managed to sustain it for 13 mins so, well...
I have some pains in my legs but I am cool with it since its a different sort of pain and different sort of muscles. So long as I don't have shin splints, any pain is welcome. At any rate, they take a couple of days max for the aches to wear off. I am resting from running for the next two days then doing my 18Kms long run on Sunday.

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