Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 1 week 4. 4th sugar-free day

It went well. I am trying to ensure I do proper form push ups because the videos I have seen have very few people doing proper forms. Others shake downwards and upwards and call it a pushup etc. So patience and ensuring I don't make it easy for myself.
Several squats, calf raises and crunches along with the 27+20+20+17+29=63 pushups. I have cut out sugar and cut back on carbs and gearing for 20Km on Sunday. My legs are great so I will hack it I am sure.
Meanwhile I am looking forward to Sunday where we have a pretty good chance of getting at least two gold medals in 800m (Bungei and Kirwa) and in the Mens Marathon (Sammy Wanjiru, Luke Kibet and Martin Lel[the favorite]).
Then we could pull a silver or two in the 5000m men (Longosiwa or Kipchoge) or 5000m women (Vivian Cheruiyot). Lets see how it goes.

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