Monday, August 11, 2008

To Lick the Fresh Grave 01

This is a story I am working on. Enjoy.

Ochieng is walking back home from the farm. The path he treads is bordered by euphorbia trees and thick bush from both sides. Grass shoots crawl out from the sides of the path, snaking around the dry leaves and twigs. He is whistling and carrying a hoe over his shoulder and some fish stuck on a reed, some of which are twitching. His attention is taken by a snake that slithers onto the path before him. His eyes widen in surprise and a gasp escapes his parted lips. He stops and stands still. His eyes glued on the reptile. It is a black mamba. The rachier. It is about six feet long and dark brown in the mid section with a silvery gray head.
He waits for it to pass. When it reaches the middle of the path however, it raises its head and pauses, facing him. He is startled. His eyes move to the multi-colored spots on its pulsating throat, then to its ridged crown of scales and the double row at its tail amaze him. An uncanny dread snakes its way coldly on the back of his spine. His throat is parched. A musky dread starts enveloping him quickly and he blinks like one suddenly exposed to a bright light. There is a rustle of grass as the snake lowers its head and approaches his stationary figure.
He raises the hoe to scare it away but it surges forward boldly and he brings down his hoe directly upon its head. His blow misses its raised head and splits the earth open at the spot. The rachier ejects a short jet of venom that hits Ochieng in the eye. Sparrows chatter excitedly at the top of the nearby bushes. His hands come up reflexively to protect his eyes but it is too late.


Patriciah said...

This is excellent. Can't wait to read it!

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks Pat. It will continue shortly.