Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cleared Week Two!

I did day three of week two of the 100 pushups challenge. It was not as hard as my first attempt last week. It was 15+15+12+12+20(15minimum)=74 pushups. Legs on a break today and tomorrow.
I will do my exhaustion test tomorrow morning and then start week three on Sunday just before my long run.


gach said...

I like your enthusiasm for jogging, both for keeping fit and for meditating. Am sure most of us seeing this blog wish we could do the same with the same enthusiasm that you have.

For my part, I do beleive jogging is good for you, its only creating time for jogging that is an issue. I have therefore settled for a 7km jog every saturday morning and I think its quite comfortable for me.

There is one event that I look foward to and thats the 21km Safaricom lewa marathon, and I think we should organise and ensure we participate in the next one (June/July every year). Am sure you will enjoy it. Its nothing close to the disorganized stanchart marathon, its more scenic, challenging and very adventurous.

Lets link up and see how we can participate in the next lewa marathon.

Keep up with the jogging!

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks Gach. I will be there for the Safaricom Marathon, 21Km in October (26th?). See you there. I used to run 10Kms on Sunday in 2006 but was plagued by injuries so thats what.