Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tempo Runs and Exhaustion Test

I did 41 pushups in my exhaustion test so I begin week 4 tomorrow. I also did my tempo runs. I covered the first 1K in 4:46 - from the 5:30 of last week so I kicked the bitches ass! I was faster on the incline and I managed to do 3.5 K in 14 mins. This is a hell of an improvement from a month ago when I could only cover 2.5K in 14 mins so I am doing great. If I can push harder and cover 4K in 14 mins, I should be able to do the remaining 1K in less than 6 mins and I will have achieved my sub 20 mins 5K, which is in sight. In total, I did 7K today.
This is sugar-free day number three and I have cut back on carbs and on my portions. Time to lose some Kilos. I will take a break for two days and go for a 20K run on Sunday. That will be the longest distance I have run this year. Shudder shudder.
A quote I saw today: You have to wake up in the morning with determination in order to end the day with satisfaction.


BM said...

Just curious, Are you following some kind of written plan for the running?

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks BM. Yeah. I am following a schedule its available in the link below. Are you also taking the 100 push ups challenge?
I posted the schedule in the post linked to below: