Sunday, August 10, 2008

Did 16 Kms. Failed Exhaustion Test

I did 16 Kms yesterday in 1hr 43 Mins. My 5k pace was better: 27 mins. It was a comfortable run. I was surprisingly strong to the end. Surprising because last weekends 12Kms drained me quite a bit. I was supposed to do 14Kms but realized that I had underestimated the distance and ended up doing 16Kms. Jokes are over. Anything beyond 15K is tough as hell. And any run beyond 90 mins is taxing. Get ready to have your legs and body singing circumcision songs for the next 24 hours or more. You get up and are on the road before 6pm but when you are coming back its near 7.30 am and all the early runners have ran and gone back home. And the sun is up. And you are dehydrated and your urine is past yellow approaching orange in good company with Haematuria.
After the run, after taking three glasses of water and cornflakes and weetabix, and hot milk, I dipped my burning legs in a bucket of water with ice to cool. It is good I didn't incur an injury. Now all I need to do is add two Kms to reach 18Kms next week. Then repeat it again the week after to see if I can improve on the speed at that distance before doing 20Kms after that.
Then I may taper off a little before bouncing back with a 23Km lap on the track (53laps) on Sept 14. By then, I expect that I will be doing Sub 20 5Ks.
Today, I want to relax with some orange juice and keep raising my toes to reduce the pain on my shins and make them stronger.
I tried an exhaustion test today but was too exhausted and in no shape for that so I don't count it. I did a measly 25 push ups. Plus, I am beginning to wonder whether I should be trying this 100 push ups business when I am on my killer marathon training schedule that kicks my ass quite thoroughly.

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