Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tempo Runs. Break from 100 pushups challenge

I did my tempo runs today. I covered around 8Kms and it took about 40 mins. I was somewhat slower than I was before I got wasted by that 24K. But I will do 23K (14th Sept) and 25K (28th Sept) and 26K (12th Oct) before I taper off in mid October. I have come to a new resolution: I shall henceforth concentrate on making long strides. Long strides. Long strides.
I need to concentrate on this. I move faster, and use less energy. Long strides. Long strides. It requires more concentration when running, more awareness of how you are pushing off and how you are landing and pushing off. Again and again. I have realized that you need to concentrate to be fast. You cannot be on Auto-pilot and be fast because as soon as your concentration drifts away, your knees come closer and your strides become shorter. Long Strides. Long strides...I managed to cover 3.5K in 16mins. This means I am not too far off from my sub 20mins 5K. So, more long strides, more concentration, more interest in speed.
This is what I will employ in my 10K run on Sunday as I seek to set a preliminary PR before I go to the tracks on Sept 14 to set the 5K and 10K records straight.
I feel upbeat today. I feel great. I think I am almost fully recovered. My weight has been stable this week.
After having the wind effectively knocked out of me by the 24K, I have taken a break from the 100 push ups challenge. I have about 8 weeks to my Marathon. I need to think about distance and speed. Endurance and speed. Long strides. Long strides. Long strides...

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