Sunday, August 24, 2008

Did 20K and Day two of Week 4

I was up at 3.30am today to watch Wanjiru tear apart the Beijing concrete to break an Olympic record.
As I was watching, I was hydrating for my own battle and downed a liter of water and took some Weetabix and cornflakes and milk. After the end of the Marathon, where we took the gold with Wanjiru, I hit the tarmac at 5.10am. I was quite weak because I have cut back on carbs recently and it appears I still have a lot to learn about this 'carbohydrate loading' business.
I did my first 5k in 27 mins and did 10K in 55 Minutes. One part of me (the lazy ass one) was already thinking that I should just go home after the ten K and call it a day and chalk it up to poor carb loading and live to fight another day bla bla bla. But another side said I have run 21K and there is no way I will chicken out of it. Gaddemit. So I trudged on and struggled. "Just keep going", I let the mantra replay in my head. Again and again. Just keep going. I persuaded myself.
I have realized that 10K does not know what 15K is and 15K does not know what 20K is. In other words, if you regularly run 10K, you should respect one who runs 20K because man, the difference in terms of what those distances do to your body and energy reserves is HUGE. You cannot even compare. The muscle groups that will help you cover the extra 10K is another group that you may never know if you dont run for more than 1hr 45 minutes continuously.
At any rate, I struggled and cleared the 20K in 2hrs 4 mins. All my energy was gone. In fact I walked the last 700 metres home. The last time I was that drained was the first time I ran my half marathon.
I think the carb-loading business had a lot to do with it. I am glad I summoned the courage to Finnish it even if at a slow pace. And I have realized a 20K is the ultimate workout that can really kick my ass and empty all my muscles and liver of glycogen. I was so tired that I had to go up my four flights of stairs slowly. And when I entered the house and stretched a bit, I downed four glasses of water in quick succession, demolished two oranges and ruthlessly attacked a bag of groundnuts while asking my bro to make tea. Before you could say "Jesus!" I had downed another three glasses of water, unceremoniously hogged three slices of bread, half a plate of beans and two and a half cups of tea. Then I dipped my feet in ice-cold water and marveled at how badly my ass had been kicked that morning and how fast and strong Samuel Wanjiru was. Catherine Ndereba's dictum "Respect the distance" echoed through my skull and I nodded absently like a dumb student to a teacher's punchline. Too dazed to focus.
I was ravished and dehydrated! But I survived without any serious injury and I didnt pass out or anything. My God. 20K is the workout to go for.
If this week goes well (as in no injuries and shit), next week I will do it AGAIN. Gaddemit. Mind over f***ing matter.
On Saturday I finished day two of week 4 of 100 pushups challenge. Thats 27+21+21+18+29 =106 pushups.
Tomorrow, day 3. Easy as pie. Relatively that is. I lost 2Kgs last week. Lets see what this week will bring.


cheru kipkorir said...

I have read your post and boy do i pity you esp after reading in the Nation that samuel wanjiru averages 15 kilometers in 15min!you are not badly off for an amatuer i must add.KEEP IT UP.loved the amount of food you ate tho.

Jacob Aliet said...

Thanks and you are right. Thats why he is the Olympic Champion and thats why I am some faceless blogger posting his struggles and achievements.
Knowing what he can do motivates me to try harder though. If you have run a half or full marathon then you know the thrill of finishing it, even if you are the last one. It is enough to keep one motivated.

cheru kipkorir said...

true that. i would love to know the thrill but runing aint my thing. cant wait for your post after the marathon.9t