Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Suffering Post-Marathon Depression

Yesterday I couldn't sleep. There just wasn't any sleep. Yet I was tired and tried to go to bed early. The result of it is that today I dozed incessantly in an Oracle class I am taking and I feel generally fatigued throughout. Not physically but at an emotional and Psychological level. I just feel cleaned out, empty, lethargic. Wasted. Fucked.
I allowed myself to eat a donut and some cocoa with sugar - yes, I was craving sugar. It didn't help. I also ate fish and ugali. It didn't help. I am like someone in love who is separated from the object of his desire. Nothing seems to help. Just feel shredded and in pieces. Laid to waste away.
This is exactly similar to what is called post-marathon depression, which is similar to post-partum stress. On Monday I managed to fight off a cold by eating oranges and staying warm. But this fatigue has nailed me and there doesn't seem to be a way of shaking it off. I am considering venturing out for a recovery run tomorrow. My quads are better now but from this experience, I am considering reviewing my schedule because if 20K can suck everything out of my gut like this, what will 23K or 26K run do? I may just render myself incapable of running during the race day!

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