Wednesday, August 6, 2008

3Kms in 15 Mins - 5Kms Tempo Run

I think I have found my tempo! After a 6mins warm up, I cruised ahead and managed to cover 3Kms in 15 mins! This was very good news for me because it means I am not very far from my sub 20mins 5K goal. It felt good. I think my body is getting better at handling lactic acid and all the other shit that comes with quasi anaerobic activity.
On running back, I was passed by another runner who galvanized me to run faster and I tested my long strides and eventually passed him after 2.5Kms. He passed me when I was warming down. Saw some 8 runners this morning. Guys are preparing for the marathon. There is ass to be kicked my friends.
I have some pain. Its not shin splints but feels like it. Left leg. I have a liter of Orange juice that I will imbibe for the rest of the day. I will also ensure I take some protein and get some more sleep. Hopefully, these will ensure that by Sunday I am ready for 14Kms.
I did not complete the push up routine. It Was: 16+13+11+11+max(min 15). I only managed 11 in the last set yet it should be minimum 15. So I will try it again tomorrow.

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