Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2012 Training Day 61: 11K on Treadmill

Just like yesterday with some small variations. It looks like the 80K will be bagged by tomorrow. Next week will drop then we pick up mid March.
I think I have figured how I will be doing 80K on a normal working week:
W_AM 10 PM 10

What I need to do is figure out how to do the double. I found a gymn in Kenya Cinema I can use to shower and change but there are still other logistical challenges I need to surmount. Particularly the management of wet clothes....
Once I have figured out that then I can easily find the pathway to 100K per week. But that will be much later -in May/June.
I have decided to start tracking my HR. My current RHR is 50.

2012 Training Day 60: 11K on Treadmill

Today's run was more of a steady state run though relaxed. I threw in some strides at the end then worked on my abs, quads and calves then stretched. Thoroughly.
I just want to be careful and patient with the warmups and warmdowns and keep stretching thoroughly.
Yuki Kawauchi was so penitent after coming 14th in the Tokyo Marathon that he shaved his hair and apologized to his fans for letting them down. Yuki is the best amateur runner in the world. He ran a 2:08 marathon and has a full-time job.
Here he is with his shaved head.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Getting Galvanized - Strengthening My Resolve

My wife tells me there is a chap from South C who was run over by a car when he went out for a morning run in Mombasa road last week. His body was found in the City Mortuary after two days. After telling me this, she implores me to stop running on the road. It is a dangerous thing to do, she tells me. Please, I beg you. She begs. If you care for your family, please stop. I nod carefully knowing she is too agitated at the moment to listen. And I know of even greater horror stories for runners.
Anyways, last year I am aware that some five or so South African runners were run over by a car driven by a drunk driver. Those things happen. I am also painfully aware that sometime last year, a matatu flew painfully close to me. I had been forced to leave the muddy path and share the tarmac with cars when a heavy downpour messed the road the previous night.
But by and large, running is safe. I mean road running.
Its not even among the twenty most dangerous sports - rugby, horse riding, bull riding, mountain climbing and others are in that category. But running? Nope. In fact, I reminded my wife about a banker who collapsed and died while seeking permission from work to go to hospital. She was not even a runner. The maker had other plans.
So today, after giving her tons of examples and explaining where I run, I explained to my wife why running is safe and she finally grudgingly agreed. I told her that declaring running as unsafe is tantamount to declaring all the pedestrians unsafe - because I certainly don't run on the tarmac where cars are driven.
I have been thinking about my progress this year and I have realized that one part of me is scared that I can ACTUALLY run under 1:20 this year if I am serious. And I have realized that a part of me is scared that after that I will have nothing to aim for.
So you know what? I can do it? I can? Really? Lets give it a shot then. I want to focus and sacrifice. I have seen how much I am ripped now and how much its getting easier to clear the 21K. I want this. I want this so much and so badly.
I love the way of life, the discipline, the transformation, the struggle, the limitations imposed by age, by weight, by the fitness level by mileage, by career, by family, by time and by the human condition and how much I have to struggle to make progress. And how much the IMPROVEMENT is guaranteed if I stay the course.
Ooooooh, I want this and I am going for it.
Oh yes you bet your ass I am.

2012 Training Day 59: 11K on Treadmill

The Royal Imperial Hotel gymn is quite good. What I hate about gymns is the way they make you sweat like a pig and may end up making you overestimating your effort. No wonder they are full of overweight people.
The damn treadmill was so inaccurate with the distance and so I just decided to hit it for an hour straight and assign it a conservative 11K.
I want to try 80K+ this week since next week I will have to reduce because I will be traveling On Saturday.
Meanwhile Kitwara and Abel Kirui kicked ass recently.
Sorry, no eye candy today. I am having issues connecting to wireless on my new i5 laptop.
Stay active fellas.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

2012 Training Day 58: 18K Easy

Today was a recovery run. I met GK at the 4th Km mark and we pushed each other to the 9th and I made a U turn and let him continue.
Al be in UG this week. Fairly unpredictable week. All things constant, I should attempt a 80K week.

Friday, February 24, 2012

2012 Training Day 57: 21K in 1:57:51 - sub elite

This is good. It is my first sub 2 hours in Training. It means in a race, where I am being pushed or pulled by other competitors, I can do much better. Probably slash 8 mins or more from that time.
I was up at 5:40am. Did some light stretching and the other stuff. Bandaged my left shin for support. As usual, carried 500ml of water to ensure I don't get a headache that I used to get after getting dehydrated after the 21K run. Plus, I had decided I want to learn to run while drinking water so stitches neither scare nor bother me during races.
As is my recent practice, I jogged as warm up for about 300m to the gate. It was still kinda dark when I set off. I decided not to struggle through the first 4K and took it easy knowing that I had been careful not to overdo things this last week and knowing the strides I did on Thursday and other days would allow my legs to be quicker when I wanted them to be quick. This route has a hilly first 10K but more so the first 4K, so I decided to start conservatively as my legs warmed up. My legs still felt cold and stiff and asleep.
So this is how it went for the first 4K: 6:33, 6:07, 6:06 and 6:09.
Then things evened up a little and I decided to jack things up. As you can see from the elevation below, its uphill until the 10.2Km Mark.
Nonetheless, I started upping the tempo from the 5K onwards.
5:34, 5:26, 5:26, 5:30, 5:38, 5:34 Wah! I was glad to see the splits and also how I felt. There is a hill at the 9Km, just past Karen hospital, it has been kicking my butt every Saturday. Without fail I always cover that section in 6:XX. Today, my legs still felt light and I ran it the fuck down. Check out the terrain below.

Then I started going downhill. Somewhat.
5:23, 5:31, 5:34
At this point, I saw a group of about seven scattered runners on Ngong road racing towards Karen. It had both fast and slow people. I wished I was in that race! But they were going the opposite direction. So bypass it was.
5:46 (There is a humongous hill here where the Bypass starts from Ngong road), 5:36, 5:23, Kick that fucker!
5:17, 5:33, 5:31.
Kick it, gaddemit we still have energy!
4:49, 5:14.
Total time, 1:57:51.
Now I am officially sub-elite. No?
Here is Geb and Yuki Kawauchi in a press conference for the Tokyo Marathon today.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

2012 Training Day 56: 10K with pickups

I did 8K steady then completed it with some pickups in the last 2K.
It was a great workout. I ended it feeling I could do some more. Which is how it should be. Legs kinda sore but the good kinda sore.
Now I rest. Here is Defar in action.

So this weeks total mileage : 21+16+14+10+10=71Kms.
Gud work.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2012 Training Day 55: 10K Home - Uphill

I ran home jana. It was an easy run. Uphill. I tried to avoid the tarmac as much as I could. I realized I have a very good course for uphill training. Yesterday My time was 1:01 so I could use that as a yardstick for my future performance.
My shins ache and there is a tingle in my left knee but I am otherwise fine. I will try an easy one today then call it a week.
My writing is going on well. I will need to find a way of logging nearly 80 Kms per week from March. I think I am finally settled on a Training schedule. Something that can sere me for the next four months or so. Until my speed is good. It should look something like this:
M - Off or XT
T - 10-15K - 1 hour Tempo run.
W - Easy Run home 10K - hills
T - 10-12K -Pickups/Strides with at least 3K warm up and 1K warm down.
F - Off or XT
S - 21K Moderate effort
S - 17-20K Easy/Recovery
Check out the elevation and route for my Wednesday run:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2012 Training Day 54: 14K - Still no legs man! Phuck!

It seems I fucked up pretty bad last week with those intervals. Now I am paying the price. You have to pay when you screw up. That is the law of life. Just like F=ma.
Maybe I shouldn't blame the intervals alone since I also did some strides and some hard tempo runs. Maybe my mistake was following three hard sessions in a row.
At any rate, no more intervals and no more occurrence of a hard day followed by another hard day.
I learnt so much yesterday alone and now I feel I know 95% of what I need to know when it comes to my training.
Yesterday, I set up to do 15K: 2K warm up. Tempo 10K and do a 3K warm down with strides.
What an idiot. That is a very crowded session right there!
I should just have done a 12K tempo with 1K warm up and 1K warm-down then reserved strides for Thursday.
Anyway, I tried. And my! didn't I fail spectacularly!
I realized in short order, amidst short breath, heavy legs and deep oxygen debt that I didn't have legs. I realized that I still have not recovered from the hard sessions last week! My legs are still sluggish and not strong. Here is how it went:
1K 5:29 141 bpm
2K 4:58 159 bpm
Warm up over. Now we start
3K 4:47 162 bpm
4K 4:45 163 bpm
5K 4:46 165 bpm
6K 4:53 164 bpm
7K 4:59 164 bpm
8K 4:49 171 bpm
9K 4:50 174 bpm
Onset of struggle and pain. Yes, pain. Bad pain. The one you wish your enemies.
10 K 5:43 165 bpm
11K 6:11 157 bpm
12K 6:37 150 bpm
13K 7:29 142 bpm
14K 10:47 118 bpm

This was a terrible, terrible workout. I struggled and my body is still feeling it. I will take it easy today. Man, those damn intervals!



I have been reading Champions Everywhere and I have learnt that Intervals have no place in my training right now. What I need are strides. And I am lucky because I have experienced acidosis firsthand just last week.
So, long runs, steady runs, hills, fartleks and strides it is!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Time Flies Man! Review

I was thinking of converting tomorrow to a time trial when I reminded myself that I should only do one after (every) four weeks.
So I checked my blog and there: I did my last 10K time trial on 31st Jan and the result was 47:56.
So instead of this week, I will do one next week.
What I love about the moment is how quickly I am able to recover especially from the long runs. I virtually feel as if I didnt run this last weekend yet I covered 37Kms! In the past, I would still be feeling the aches of the weekend long run.
Anyways, so I decided I will just do intervals tomorrow. Give it a good shot so that I can spend the next three days recovering so that Saturday can be wonderful.
It was on Dec 31 that I discovered that I had been running on fumes and I decided to start paying attention to my weekly mileage from January.
Lets see how I have progressed in 2011:

Jan_____wk1 N/A
________wk2 20+18+20 = 58Kms
________wk3 16+16+18+20 = 70Kms ..................(lower ankle pains)
________wk4 20(1:50)+20(1:53)+20(1:50) = 60Kms ...(fighting each Km - legs screaming)
________wk5 20(1:53)+10+10 = 40Kms......(Revert to moderate 21K @ Sato - no more fighting) 
Feb_____wk1 21(2:05)+11+10(47:56:52)+6+10 = 58Kms
________wk2 21(2:06)+14+12+7+10 = 64Kms...........(first sub 4 mins 1K!)
________wk3 21(2:01)+15+12+12+12 = 72Kms
________wk4 21(2:19)+16...Here is where we are. Tadey.
I am on course. In fact, looking back  But can you believe how much time has flown? Just the other day, I was walking home. Just the other day, I did a 2:01 21K. Jan was just the other day!
Anyways, let me walk on some errands around town today.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

2012 Training Day 53: 16K Legs comin back...

Yes, today I was up early. Started easy. Realized my legs were somewhat back. So I tried to mix it up a little even though it was a recovery run. Lesson learnt:
If you have a serious speed session, you may need about three days to recover from it, unlike a long run. Especially for one just starting speedwork like moi.
Now I rest. I will probably ice my legs in the evening. Now its church.
So what I will do is I will be doing speed sessions on Tuesdays and then I spend the rest of the week recovering from it, Ryan Hall style.
Here is a rare photo of sub-elite runner, Destroyer Watson.


Friday, February 17, 2012

2012 Training Day 52: 21K in 2:19 No Legs!

By 3K, I knew I wasn't goin to do shit. I wasn't shit.
I went to bed yesterday with thoughts of turning around my training by starting to post sub 2 hours 21K training runs and today was the day I was to start doing so.
I slept late but woke up well. I had great expectations for the day. But as I reached the 3rd Km, I had to admit, my legs felt very heavy. I actually felt as if I was wearing shoes made of lead! Try as I might, I couldnt make them move faster.
Was this the "fuck you very much" that I was getting from overtraining? I looked at my garmin. My heart rate was around 139. My heart was doin nuthin!
So i wasn't overtrained. When overtrained, ones heart overworks even when there is no work being done. But my heart rate was low so I ruled out OT.
I had to admit that the chickens of too-much-too-soon combination of volume and intensity was coming home to roost.
I felt like someone stuck in mud.
I wasn't moving. Do I just bag it and go home?
I also knew I had, unbelievably and to my utter horror, piled some 3Kgs from nowhere last week. But that shouldnt be a big deal. In fact, if I am to burn it, I am to do so by running, not by going back home and crawling into a warm couch.
So I decided to jog it in. I jogged the 21K and completed in 2:19.
I am glad I am not OTd and I am not injured. Lets just cut back the volume a little and cut out the intensity this coming week. Aaaaight?
Anyways, I stretched, did heel-toe walks, pushups, lunges then hit the roller.
Tomorrow, recovery.
What a mind job!
This is Mary Keitany, currently, fastest female marathoner. She kicked ass yesterday in Dubai.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012 Training day 51: 12K in Malaba with 4 x 1000m intervals

Man, I have been soaking up lessons from Tim Noake's Lore of Running. I hope I am not getting obsessed with this shit.
At any rate, I got a good nights sleep last night and today I decided to set aside the pride I suffered on Tuesday. The pride that saw me do two intervals and then shift to pickups. I so disliked not going sub 4 mins that I didn't see the point of doing 4mins+ intervals. My pride didn't allow me to accept that I hadn't got there yet speedwise. And I failed to recognize that I was running uphill. I read destroyer Watson's intervals in his site and I was encouraged to do what I can. The important thing is to go out there and be true to the workout and give it the respect it deserves.

Today, I accepted that since my legs weren't fresh (from yesterday's workout), I could excuse myself for not achieving sub 4 mins. The main thing I wanted was to hit my VO2Max and at least do four intervals from last weeks two.

And so after warming up for 3Kms, I did:
1 x 1000 in 4:36 (uphill)
1 x 1000 in 5:04 (uphill)
1 x 1000 in 4:07
1 x 1000 in 4:08

This means that this week I have done a total of 6 X 1000m intervals (the other two 4:19 and 4:33). Last week I did two. Excellent shit. I know I am a speed junkie in waiting and I know that injuries are just jogging around me waiting for me to fuck up and when I get overzealous and fuck up, they will fuck me up so bad...never mind.
Anyways, if I do 8 next week, nothing like it.
My strategy is to break into speedwork gently while navigating the treacherous landmine of injuries that surround me.

So anyways, I am glad I have stuck to 1000m splits and I am glad I haven't got an injury. I am doing tons of heel-toe walks for my shins, which are getting better, and ensuring I stretch thoroughly - quads, ITBL, back, hamstrings and back.
Tomorrow I rest then Sato I attack the 21K route. Again.
This weeks mileage? 21+15+12+12+12=72Kms. Now that is some tight shit right there. I am making legs.
Todays eye candy is Augustine Choge - 1500m champ. Not very easy on the eyes. Is he?
I guess not.
Keep active guys and remember. Behind today's success lies yesterdays struggles. I just wanna be the best runner I can be.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

2012 Training day 50: 12K in Malaba semi-hard

Today my garmin took quite a long time to locate the satellites. But I did do my 12K with 10K in 52mins avg 5:14 km/min.
I felt the quickness in my feet and it was great. Tomorrow, I will try some three or four relaxed intervals. I need runs that make my heart rate max at about 181bpm. My avg heart rate for the 10K today was 158bpm.
Here is my friend and inspiration Canadian runner, Reid Coolaset who is training hard for London Olympics. I have learnt so much about speedwork both from my little experience and from reading Noake's tome. I love how its all coming together.

2012 Training day 49: 12K in Malaba with intervals and pickups

I was up at 5:40 but when I stepped out at 6:06, it was still dark so I jogged to the route.
Its a good murram route with plenty of cyclists and school kids. After doing two intervals at 4:19 and 4:33, I decided I wasn't particularly speedy today and settled for pickups. Maybe its OT. Tomorrow, moderate effort 12K.
I am considering doing 200m intervals for Thursday.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

2012 Training day 48: 15K Recovery Run

I hit the road to Malaba today for 4 days. I did a 16K recovery yesterday. After the 2:01 21K yesterday, I have come to realize how much the miles on ones feet matter. Oh man, its so eye-opening to see it, feel it and understand it and I am so encouraged.
Its all about the miles in your feet.
God damnit! Its so refreshing! And it makes such a world of difference. Its all about strong legs. Nothing more. Ok, a little bit of strong core and mind but mostly legs. And its miles that make the legs strong.
Here is Overal. At work.

Friday, February 10, 2012

2012 Training day 47: 21K in 2:01:49

Today, at the 10K Mark, I decided to do a circuit instead of taking a U-Turn. So I went on, past Karen Hospital, left Langatta Road, past Karen Professional Center, joined Ngong road then joined the bypass at 13K and ran on past Kibera to 21K in Langatta.
Today I was strong and even after the 21K, my legs didn't feel shredded and my body whacked. I stretched thoroughly and then did heel/toe walks, lunges, pushups and went home to hit the roller.
It was a great workout. Excellent route. Minimum tarmac. I think thats the circuit we will use for our 21K race in early March. I saw one or two serious runners and dozens of overweight (like myself - tee hee) and obese stragglers who I bet I wont see again for the most of the future. Some baba spotting a massive pot was in a white cotton vest, a baggy short and I bet, probably leather shoes. He seriously wasn't dressed the part. You could tell he did not know what he was doing on the road at 6:28am on Saturday morning.
Now I rest. Kesho 16-17K recovery run.
Now from 2:06 to 2:01, that is what I call a quantum leap.
Stay active guys!
Here is G. Mutai at work! Not much of an eye candy huh fellas? He will have to do because I have Final Destination 5 to watch right now.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Training day 46: 10K with pickups. I love Pickups!

I forgot my garmin in the office yesterday.
It made me realize that I am a garminholic. Without the garmin now I am lost and rudderless. I cant freakin function without the damn thing.
So I decided to run easy for 50 minutes and bag it.
I started running slowly. I watched other runners zip past. Today was an easy day, I told myself firmly.
After about 40 minutes, I decided to do some pickups or strides. Whats the difference? Strides are distance and posture specific. Pickups are just varied speed plays like fartleks.
At any rate, I randomly sped up for distances between 30m-100m at speeds that I felt like.
It was great because when I felt tired, I was free to slow down. And when I felt strong, I could speed up how I wanted and whatever distance I wanted. How cute!
Lydiard says this about Strides:

On alternate days, it is wise to concentrate upon developing your speed to near it's maximum by
carrying out sprint training workouts of suppling and loosening exercises, sprint starts and sprint races,
and leg speed running.
A typical workout could be: Warm-up by running easily for about 15 minutes, doing exercises for 10 to
15 minutes, running easily for 5 more minutes. Follow by runs over 70 to 100 meters, concentrating
upon the following elements; with a jog between each run of 3 minutes:
(A) The runs to develop stride length by exaggerating the length of the strides and pushing off hard with the back leg.
(B) another by running tall, bring your knees high and getting up high on your toes.
(C) and another by moving the legs as fast as possible to develop a quick leg turn-over.
Then the last set of runs covering all of these things These runs can be done two or three times with each
exercise. Also some sprint starts can be used and a sprint race or two competed in for training.
All middle distance and distance runners should races in sprints and train to develop their leg speed as
this increases their economy of action and reserves energy for the latter stage of competition.
When doing sprint training, be sure that you do not try to rush through it like when doing repetition training; give yourself sufficient recovery after each run.

Unlike Strides, Pickups are more like fartleks. Just playing with speed depending on how fatigued you feel.
After learning from yesterday, My weekly training schedule will be as follows henceforth:
M - Off or XT
T - 10-15K - Intervals with at least 3K warm up and 1K warm down.
W - Easy Run home 7-11K
T - 10-15K -Pickups/Strides with at least 3K warm up and 1K warm down.
F - Off or XT
S - 21K Moderate effort
S - 17-20K Easy
This week I did: 21+14+12+7+10=64Kms! Yipeeee!
My weight has dropped. I want to keep it this way for a month then I jack it up once I can do 44mins 10K which should be by mid March.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012 Training Day 45: 7K Easy

I ran home. Home is too near. Next week I will have to take a detour.
Today I should do a 7K easy then 3 x 1000m. This is Mo Farah taking an ice deep. Elite Training, Elite Pain.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012 Training day 45: 12K and I dip below 4Min/Km for the first time!

Yesterday I browsed quite a bit on running and discovered more sites being run by runners and some are great writers - like Destroyer Watson, Reid Coolaset and Simon Freeman.
Anyways, I approached yesterday's workout with trepidation. I was worried about my tight hamstring and painful shins. So I had decided it won't be a time trial. Just a moderate run with speedwork at the end.
I decided to eliminate pre-running stretching and decided to instead just warm up into the damn thing then speed up after warming up. And stretch thoroughly afterwards.
The sun is usually high up at 5pm and I have decided to enjoy that and see it as "resistance" just like a hill. So I relish running while its hot. I also decided to make today's run 12K instead of the usual Tuesday 10K.
It turns out my speed has improved because I ran the 5:xxs quite easily without much effort or concentration.
Then after 10K, I decided to throw in some speedwork.
And my, wasn't I pleased with the outcome?
I did: 5:28,5:19,5:11,5:11,5:01,4:52,5:20,5:21,5:23,5:25
Then for the 11K, 3:58! That is 15.1Km/h! This is the speed I have been looking for!
For the 12K it was 4:14 or 14.2Km/h
So, for the first time, I have done a sub 4min/Km! This is great and I am happy about it.
Now I can aim to run a sub 8Mins 2K by end of Feb, No?
Today I plan to run easy homewards. That should be fun.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Encounter with a Morning Idiot - Er, Unreasonable Kenyan

It is a good morning. The sun is up early and I am also early so the notorious Nairobi traffic is not too much.
Before I have had enough Soul music, and before Ogutu can press "Like" on a facebook post, I pull up and park at a nice spot. Or so I think.
When I check how I have parked, I realize that I am overlapping the parking space. I move forward edging as close to the car in front as possible. When I get out, I realize my car is still overlapping the parking space behind me.
I look at the car in front of me. A Silver Audi. It is leaving a lot of space at the front part of his parking space and sticking its butt into my parking space. I decide to check if there is anybody inside because from the way it is parked, only an idiot would park it that way and walk away. In my past experiences, most guys quickly move their vehicles politely if you point out to them that they have parked poorly.
I am relieved to see a gentleman inside. His windows are all up and he is paying rapt attention to his phone. Must be smsing or browsing, I think. At any rate, he is the solution to my problem.
I bend forward and try to wave at him to get his attention. He doesn't see me. I try again. Nothing.
So I gently rap the passenger window with my fingers. He looks at me. His mouth is slightly open.
I motion with my hand for him to move forward.
He is still looking at me. I point at the space before him and motion him to move forward. He is still looking at me as if he has just seen my face turn from blue to deep pink. Is he thinking I am playing a game with him?
I walk to his window patiently as I would toward someone who doesn't understand why ice is cold. He lowers it a fraction after hesitating.
"Please move your car forward, you are consuming two parking spaces" I say to him while trying to avoid leaning too close to his face.
He is still looking at me with his open mouth. He is a middle-aged office bug in a cheesy t-shirt. He is probably on leave. Creep. I think.
"Did you have to knock like that!!!??" He asks me while placing his phone on his passenger seat carefully as if its a detonator that he almost set off accidentally.
"Sorry I startled you. I just wanted to tell you to move your car forward" I say easily as I gesture with my open palms. I quickly walk away to get a parking ticket without waiting to observe how that sinks in. I walk away because I dont want to speak to him any more than I already have and I dont want to hear even a single word from him because he is speaking like the kind of person who wants me to commit murder with my bare hands at 7:30 am in broad daylight. And I really dont want to commit murder with my bare hands at 7:30 am in broad daylight.
To my utter surprise, as I walk away, I realize that a tsunami of anger is welling inside me from nowhere. I feel it passing my neck and is now rushing toward my head. Luckily for me, I am walking away already and I don't have to retort to the guy:
"Do you have to park like an idiot you %^&*%$£!+% moron???!!!!"
When I come back, four minutes later, with my parking ticket, the moron has not moved an inch!!!!!!
And he is still sitting in his car!!!! Is he sulking at me?!!
But wisdom and the god of peace tell me to just forget it.
So I move my car to a different parking slot.
What a frigging idiot! He almost fried my morning!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012 Training day 43, 44: 21K in 2:06 and 14K Easy

Wow man. Runnin is quite some piece of work. It can kick your ass pretty good. I am working on my book. It seems the book work has given me even more impetus to work harder and be the best. Still not getting much speed over the 21K but I am not worried because I am dropping pounds and jacking up mileage slowly. This will be a very interesting week!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 Training day 42: 10K (with 1000m X 2)

I go hard bro. Wisdom did not prevail yesterday.
She screamed into my ears the whole day but even then, the god of speed was resolute and maintained that the son of gun had to do some speedwork. He stood everywhere, sinewy, muscular arms folded accross his vast chest. Eyes burning coals,
So wisdom left the scene in tears, her hand held to her face to cover her shame, her dress clinging to her beautiful body, glued to her voluptuousness by her tears.
I warmed up for 8K. Very damn careful with these speedy issues bro. In reverse, they can beat you more than yo mama.
And after an uneventful, kinda easy 8K, then I did:
1K in 4:01 14.9Km/h
1K in 4:04 14.7Km/hr
I gotta tell you, it was great because it was not that hard. I was comfortable except for some tightness I felt below my hamstrings towards the end of the last 1K. It sure as hell needs a massage.
My aim ultimately is to be able to do 15Km/hr and it seems within reach right now, especially if I shed a few more kilos and increase my mileage and speed-work.
Today I rest then get back to work over the weekend. Hopefully, next Tuesday I do 1000m X 5 then do an easy Wednesday and Thursday.
I go hard. Ef nigga.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Walked Home - Learnt a few

I walked home yesterday. I achieved my objectives. I learnt the following:
1. I cant run with my bag containing shoes and water. The bag swings too much destroying my form.
2. I have to get another bag - a flatter one that will not swing. This one is too bulky.
3. I will have to be leaving my official shoes in the office if I am running home or from home.
4. Too much tarmac. They will have to be easy runs.
5. Home's shortest route is 7.5k and I can take a detour and make it 11K.
6. I can do it. Lets try again on Wednesday.

My legs feel sore. Shins. Still undecided over whether to make it a 6K followed by 1K X 6 or to simply make it an easy 10K today. It seems I will have only one speed session per week for the next three weeks. Possibly no time trial during the week when I am having speed sessions. Coz bitch ass time trials are hard!